It is a technique that requires the overpopulating of certain parts of a web page with a group of keywords to raise the chances that it could rank well on Google for that set of keywords. This technique is ineffective, Google search engine leads well with it, but can’t stop people from trying.


Another devious technique that delivers a different content to the search engine spiders that the one it sent to the visitors. The idea is to rank a certain keyword by the spiders that are not related to the content sent to users. It is easily spotted with just a check on to the website to confirm that the content is not the same, and yes it could get the website banned from Google, like all the techniques presented on this topic.


Like the name of this technique suggests, it involves hidden text on the web page. The main concept here is to use text on the page that only Google spiders can see. It is a little more complicated for Google to lead with it, but in the end, it is not worthy.


This technique really of a page that ranks well in Google to divert the real users to a different page of their choice. Off course this is not going to end well of the creators because the content they are giving the users is not what were they are looking to find.

Suggested during this analyses of what is black hat SEO and white hat SEO that for marketers is better to dedicate themselves to the improvement of their company white hat practices to obtain a better ranking. By using white hat techniques that go within the search engine guidelines, they will help the search engine to find their remarkable content for better user experience and don’t get banned from the search engine. In the long run, obtain a stable organic search ranking.

Black hat SEO